Wednesday, 5 September 2012

BW scrapbooking layout with stamped canvas background

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One thing I love about scrapbooking is that you can use any material you want on your project. There are no rules of what to use and what not to use and for me it is a great way of combining two of my favourite hobbies, paper crafts and sewing!

In this layout I used a piece of canvas for the page background. The grey piece of fabric looked a bit boring so I decorated it by unraveling the edges and stamping it with my favourite doily stamp. This piece of fabric would not need to get washed so I did not pay too much attention on selecting a proper fabric stamping ink. Standard archival ink did just fine.

Here’s a list of materials I used for this layout:

I started with die-cutting two decorative borders. I just love both of these designs! The washer border strip was cut from craft colour cardstock and harlequin border strip from light grey cardstock. Before adhering them on the patterned paper I inked the edges a bit with black Distress. Then I placed the stamped canvas in the middle of the page and attached it to the background with a few small pieces of two-sided tape. It did not need too much fixing but just enough to hold the fabric in place while sewing twice around the edges.

I decorated the page with some die-cut images: A red heart cut from felt, a grey decorative frame (placed on the photo), and a craft colour bird I embellished with a texture stamp. I finished the page with stamping some swirls with white acrylic paint, dropping some tiny splashes of white paint on the page, writing the journal around the top left corner and forming the title from alpha stickers. Finally I taped down two pieces of washi and glued three buttons in the upper left corner and my layout was finished!
Title: Sentti ajatuksistasi – Penny for your thoughts
Translation: Some time ago when you did not yet talk too much I often wondered what you were thinking about the world around you. Now you are constantly speaking and I love listening to your stories: You are telling me about things that happened in daycare and explaining imaginary plot twists in your plays. You are so adorable!
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