Tuesday, 6 March 2012

 By Celine  Navarro

Hello everyone!
I've been using the Framelits a lot lately, especially BIG Framelits that focuse on the most important thing on a layout : the photo!

For this layout, you'll love circle and scallopped circle.

The scallopped circle needs to be bigger than the circle, so that it makes like a flower.

Use the scallopped circle on patterned paper.

Use the circle on the photograph of your choice.

Now glue your photo on the scallopped circle and mount the whole detail with 3D foam tabs.

On this layout, I also cut into two other different patterned papers and glued buttons in the middle of my "flower".

Now think of all the possibilities that you have with the Framelits, with sizes and shapes! :D


Celine Navarro

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