Thursday, 7 March 2013

Hello again.
It's beginning to look a little like spring, although it is raining and cold this morning.
However the days are getting lighter, and we have the Easter Holiday to celebrate soon, and of course I would like to say Happy Mothers Day to all mothers reading this.
Today I was well organised and then half way through making my block for this blog I realised I was making the wrong size! very frustrating - so now a different to planned block- Broken Dishes.
for this you will need 3 fabrics - one for the main and 2 others.
I used die 657166 and the Big shot to cut 8 white triangles, and then to cut 4 each of the other 2 fabrics.
I joined a white triangle to each of the coloured triangles.

I always press the seams as I work,
Then I joined the triangles together to make squares.
After this I joined the squares together to complete the block

Such and easy block - but fun.
So I'm now packing my bags to go to teach some workshops in Suffolk.
Have a lovely weekend.

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