Friday, 25 May 2012

1977 and all that!

I don't know if you are aware, you may not have heard but it's JUBILEE TIME! the nation has gone red, white and blue crazy so I thought I would get in on the act.

I was about thirteen at the time of the silver Jubilee in the summer of 77. Just finished my first year of secondary school and starting to grow my hair a bit longer (which is not an option I have these days). My Memories of the time are all Punk and Pageantry which are polar opposites if you think about it. Nowadays, postcards featuring mohican wearing punks sit alongside pictures of Buckingham Palace at every Souvenir shop in London. 

As these two disparate cultural icons seem to have made peace in the intervening years, I thought I would create a card which celebrated them equally and here it is

I hand cut all the strips of coated card (accuracy isn't part of the Punk ethos) then I embossed them using a Textured Impressions folder (Classical Beauty & Baroque Wallpaper 657748). Next, I attacked them with distress inks prior to sanding over the embossed detail. I attached all the elements of the flag to the base card using 3D foam pads and used my PC to Create and print the phrase onto grey paper, trimmed each one to size and distressed with my sanding pad. Finally, my crown charm, don't ask where it's from because I really couldn't tell you!

Hopefully I can follow this with another Jubilee themed card next time!

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  1. wow, I love that card!! I should use embossing folders more often!