Friday, 4 May 2012

London Icons lunch bag

This week I decided to use some of the London icon fabrics to create a small bag.

I used 6 different fabrics plus a lining for the bag.
I cut 10 rectangles (die 657605) from 2 fabrics, and 5 squares (die 657607) from the other 4 fabrics.

 I cut a strip, 41/2"x 14", from each of the first 2 fabrics for the handles.

I joined the pieces to make 5 stripes as shown ( I know there are only 4 shown, but you need to make 5) Press the seams, and then join each row to make a circle.

Join the 5 circles together to make a piece as shown below.

Cut the lining to the same size as the bag (don't forget the seam allowance).

Press the handle pieces in half down the length and press the edges into the middle.
Top stitch along the length of the handle.

Pin the  handle to the bag as shown, and repeat on other side.
Stitch the side seam of the lining and then join the lining to the bag along the top edge. ( Match the right side or the lining to the right side of the bag, the handles will be in between the layers, and stitch along the edge using 1/4" seam.)
Turn the bag right side out, and turn the bottonm edge of the lining in and top stitch.

I squared off the corners of my bag.

I stitched where the pins are, cut off the triangle and neatened the edge, and sewed through all layers.
The bag is now complete.
Which is more than I can say for my sewing room. The furniture is in place, just one shelf still to put up, but I dismantled my sewing area in the dining room and all of the things from that are now piled in the new room. I decided I couldn't put a photo of the disorganised heap - so I will just say that I hope to be organised enough to let you have a peep by the end of May.
For now I am going to help my youngest daughter decorate a 'princess cake' for her niece, my granddaughter, for a party this evening.

This is the dream of a 3 year old!
Enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend.

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