Thursday, 19 July 2012

Dresden plate triumph

Today, I'm feeling quite pleased with myself because I've found a way to do Dresden Plate applique that works and doesn't take me forever! OK I know some of you will think  - what is she on about?- but for years I've avoided this design because of the time it takes and I've not been happy with the results I've achieved. So what has made the difference?
To start with using Sizzix die 657165 has made cutting the fabric so much quicker and precise - you can easily cut 12 petals for a plate in one go. Also there is a snip both sides of the petal to show where to stitch to when joining the petals.

Then I cut a petal template in card and trimmed it. I usedthe trimmed template to mark the seam allowance and then I snipped into the allowance to remove excess fabric. I then used the template to press the seam to the wrong side - creating a smooth curve.


For each flower you need 12 petals.
Once all the curves have been pressed join the petals together.

 Press the seams open and then pin the flower in place on the background fabric. I have used ordinary pins here but it is easier if you use applique pins as they are smaller.

When the flower is pinned hand stitch in place.
To fill the centre of each flower I covered a 29mm button with fabric and stitched in place.
When all flowers were complete I made it into a cushion ( the back overlaps in the middle and fastens with buttons) and finished the edges with  matching binding.
I really like this project and hope you do too.


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