Saturday, 14 July 2012

Wedding Invitations

One of the first things I did as professional in the card maker industry was wedding stationery. As much as i love weddings, making over eighty identical cards is not something I have ever really enjoyed, so as soon as I could I stopped doing this. I love the creative process not the repetitive one.
However, last year one of my cousins (I only have three) got married and they asked me to make the invites. Of course, I could not refuse them. It is different when it is for someone you really care for.

I made one of a kind invites, I design both the front and the inside thinking of their elegant and contemporary style.

Because of my previous experience doing batches of cards, I know that the best way for me is making the cards by steps. That way every time you finish a step there is a sense of accomplishment.

I started by printing the inside. I used Fabriano medioevalis card, a beautiful italian handmade card that had to be fed through the printer one by one. So, it took a while to print 100 invites

I could not have done it without my die cutting machine of choice, the Big Shot Pro. Seriously, it made it so much easier. 

I die cut all the elements first which were the Elegant Flourishes by Tim Holtz, 1 1/8" and 1 1/4" circles  and their initials cut with the eclips using eCal.

Next step was to attach both circles together and then on top the initials.

That took many, many hours!

Next step, assembling the flourishes with the monograms together. i used one as a template to make sure that they were as similar as possible to each other, never identical, never too disimilar. My mantra when making invites is that they have to look handmade never homemade! Little details like that, is what is all about.

And finally, I attached each element to the blank card.

When I had them all sitting there quite proudly, I was certainly relieved that I made them all in time ready to be sent by priority airmail to Spain.
Unfortunately, the Royal Mail misplaced the parcel and for over a week it looked like I would have to do them all over again. Thankfully, the customer services were very good and not only found the parcel  and delivered (albeit a week later) but also refunded me the cost of the postage.

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  1. These are very elegant paula and I am glad they arrived on time I have also found RM to be a bit eratic with parcels