Thursday, 21 August 2014

Birds on a line - table runner

Hello. the Festival of Quilts already seems a long time ago and Christmas projects now beckon! which feels crazy - but that's the way the deadlines work. - So before I really start thinking about Christmas - and ideas for decorations and quick gifts to make I thought I'd show you some of the table runners I made for the Festival.,
This week I'm featuring the Birds on a line - it uses a Bigz Die - Bird w/Wing #2 by Rachel Bright - 659824 , which are appliqued into place -

You can either make it using co-ordinating fabrics or use up some of those scraps you've been stockpiling.
For the background, and backing, I used a cream on cream print - 48" x 44". Cut into 4 pieces 12" x 44". Join 2 pieces together to make a long strip, and repeat with the other 2 pieces for the backing.
Choose your fabrics for the birds - you will need fabric 6" x 5" for each bird, and I made 14 birds.

Before cutting the birds and wings iron a fusible web to the wrong side of the fabrics, then cut using die 659824 - I cut the birds with fabric RS and WS up so that they would face in both directions.
Remove the backing from the fabrics and arrange along the length of the table runner, and then fuse in place. (At this point I reduced the length of the table runner to 82")
Mix and match the wings on the birds, and fuse in place.
I stitched the birds in place using a narrow zig-zag stitch in matching colours.

Now as you can see I've added a binding but haven't quilted it yet - I know this is the wrong way to do things but it was the only way this table runner was going to be useable at the show!!
I selected one of my fabrics for the binding and I cut 1 1/2" strips to give a total of 190" - I joined the pieces together to make a long strip.
Layer up the backing, a piece of wadding 12" x 84" and then lay the top RS up and pin/tack the layers together.
I then stitched the binding RS to the top of the runner, pressed to the wrong side, turned under a 1/4" seam allowance and slip stitched it to the back of the runner.

So now I have to decide how to finish this - I can't make up my mind whether to create a 'washing line' for the birds to sit on - or to create 'twigs' with machine stitching.
I'll let you know which I chose next time.
The birds would also look good on a cushion, or pillows, and you could also make someplace mats to match the table runner.
Or thinking about Christmas how about making some in silver fabric to hang on a tree - my ideas are now running away with me so I it's time for me to go!!!
Have fun stitching.

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