Thursday, 14 August 2014

Did you enjoy the show?

Well I hope you did.
As always I am very tired after the Festival of Quilts - 27 workshops in 4 days is a lot, but as always it means that I met a lot of lovely ladies, and we also had a few lovely gents join us this year.
The only down side for me is that I hardly saw any of the quilts on display - just a quick run round after the show had closed on Saturday evening, and also I don't have much time to be tempted to spend my money - although our stand was right by a rather lovely fabric stand which did cost me a bit - photos to follow in the next few weeks showing my creations.
So for now I thought I'd show you the project we made at the show -


a useful jewellery roll using one of the new Nel Whatmore applique dies -
I think I'm going to have some fun with this die - I'm planning a little clutch bag with lots of beads or sequins on it for the Christmas session.
Nik from The Cotton Patch had also been very busy creating a couple of new quilt kits which were on display at the show -
This quilt was made using the 5" Half Hexagon die - and almost creates a 3D effect
 and this quilt uses another of my favourite dies  10" Dresden Plate -
I love the vivid colours Nik used in this one.
Well that's all for now folks - back to work on a quilt for Christmas.
Next week I'll show you some of the completed ( yes I am giving myself a pat on the back ) table runners we used at the Festival of Quilts - as long as I've located the boxes they were packed in!!
Enjoy stroking your purchases, reading your books, dreaming of having time to make lots of new projects. How about a nice cuppa?

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