Saturday, 2 August 2014

Doodled Watering Can

Lately I have really been having fun with lettering. What makes it fun is to allow yourself to experiment and play with the words and shapes. If you mess up, just erase or start over. It's amazing how freeing it is not to feel like it has to be perfect!

I used the Sizzix ScoreBoards Watering Can as a base and die cut it from matboard. This material is such a great surface to draw on- so smooth and sturdy too!

Die cut one watering can and two side pieces from matboard.

Draw your design or lettering in pencil, then trace over it with a permanent marker. 
(I used a Sakura Sensei pen). Once everything is traced, erase the pencil lines. 

Add flowers, stitching lines, and 3D embellishments.
Select a color palette of about ten markers (I used Copics).

Color in the letters as desired. Add strong double sided adhesive to the flaps on each side of the surround and press into position on the base of the watering can.

And that's it! This project goes together so nice and fast- would be the perfect project to do with your kids.

Hope you all are having a great summer. See you next time...

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  1. Wish my lettering looked this good Eileen. Imlove the watering can and how beautiful does it look with the flowers. Tracy x