Friday, 8 August 2014

The Festival of Quilts - it's begun!

Hello from sunny Birmingham - yes we have a lovely blue sky over the NEC, and there are so many lovely stands, and quilts on display.

I've already purchased some fabric -  just a little to make some fabric books for my youngest grand-daughter - and that was before the show started!!!

So did I manage to make everything ready for the show - yes I did  - and we think the stand looks fantastic as you can see -

I love the new colours for the bunting and the table runners - apparently they are this summer's wedding colours.

The workshops are in full swing -

if you want to join in remember to come early to get a seat at stand E1, or visit our demonstrators who are with The Cotton Patch, Lady Sew and Sew, Abakhan Fabrics and Popular Patchwork.

Enjoy the show - I'll show you my highlights during the next couple of weeks.

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