Thursday, 11 October 2012

Christmas Apron

While  playing with the Nordic Holiday dies I decided to make a short apron for Christmas - and I haven't yet decided whether to make this as a present or to keep if for myself.


The apron takes half a metre of fabric and some small pieces of fabric for the Christmas Trees (enough for 7 trees),  some fusible web and matching sewing threads.
I used the Big Shot and die 658181
Cut the fabric in half to make a piece 22" x 19". Press a double 1/4" fold along 3 sides, and machine stitch.
Fold a 1" pleat 4"s in from each side on the raw edge. Pin in place.
From the remaining fabric cut 3 strips 22" x 3". Join the pieces together to make a long strip and press in half along the length.
Match the centres and stitch one thickness of the sash to the raw edge of the apron. Press 1/4" seam allowance onto the wrong side of the raw edges of the sash, pin and stitch together.
Iron the fusible webbing to the wrong side of the green fabrics and using the Big Shot Pro and die 658181 cut 7 trees.
Position these as desired across the apron, or as shown. Iron in place and then stitch either by machine or hand.
Happy baking!

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