Thursday, 11 October 2012

Oh Christmas tree (Part 2)

I know that many of you enjoyed the last Christmas tree blog and this time I've really taken it back to basics. As I said last time, a Christmas tree is basically just a triangle (isosceles for those of us who remember our high school geometry!) so that offers tons of scope for taking creative liberties.

1. To start I chose three different colour palettes, trying to shy away from anything too obvious. I went for Bo bunny Double Dot 6" x 6" pads which offer a very wide choice of tones. I next printed my greeting (Oh Christmas Tree) in the bottom right hand corner of an ivory base card before selecting a single Framelits triangle die, some craft wire and a pair of pliers.

2. After die cutting  the 3 sets of trees I cut a length of craft wire and curled each end before bending in the centre, this will form the base/trunk of the tree. Attach the base to the rear of each tree using a glue gun.

3. Finally I folded the base card, rounded the corners with a punch and attached each tree using a 3D foam pad.
How simple is that, If you need to make a gazillion cards then this is a great way to create something classy, contemporary and above all quick. Here are the other colour combinations.

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