Thursday, 25 October 2012

Ideas from a holiday

Hello again.
I could ask if you've missed me but I scheduled blogs to post while I was away so you didn't know.
I have been on holiday visiting family in Uganda and of course looking for patchwork ideas and projects. Yes I did take a sewing machine - as a handbag in hand luggage!!
This was the first, and indeed only real patchwork find - in my daughters kitchen - what a great idea for using up some of your scrap pile and make something useful - you could make several for Christmas presents. Using one of Sizzix square dies - probably 657609 ( 4" finished) - cut co-ordinating or contrasting fabrics - you could either purchase fat quarters or raid your scrap basket.
Join the squares together to make rows wide enough for the apron front, make enough rows to make the length you need - make a smaller block of squares for the bib top. For the backing use calico or toning fabric - cut out to match the apron front, pin together and then bind.
Make a pocket from a few more squares and attach to apron. To finish cut 2 strips of fabric to make the ties and attach to the apron.
We visited Lake Victoria and I couldn't resist taking a photo of this path -one of my favourite designs - apple core - which made a very smooth walkway.
Shopping at one of the markets I found these earrings - made using circles of fabric to create Suffolk puffs - now these are actually too big for me to wear - but could be made smaller - using die  657604 -( 4" circles)
These earrings were made with 2 circles for each earring each gathered and then the 2 pieces put smooth sides together and slip stitched together, a bead was then attached to the circle and an earring wire attached.
These are so quick to make and could be made in all sorts of crazy colours just for Christmas. Or you could create a Christmas tree design by making several and arranging them in a pyramid - obviously that would be for a decoration or a cushion - not for earrings unless you have a very long neck!!
Now I want to apologise for the final photo - I don't usually put photos of myself on my blog - but I just want you all to know that really I was hard at work sewing my hexagons together .
Well it is a hard life - Abi one of my granddaughters was impressed.
That's all for this week.
Have fun with all you sewing projects.

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