Saturday, 13 October 2012

ScoreBoard Desk Caddy

Today's project features the ScoreBoard Caddy. The caddy can be created with just one pocket or you can cut two, and add another pocket on the back (like a beverage holder). The flowers and leafy vine also come with the die and are great for embellishments. 
The idea for this die came to me on a trip to Aruba. My husband and I were delayed for 2 1/2 hours at the airport and when we finally boarded the plane, they offered us each a free drink. Although I was not quite ready for happy hour (at 10 AM), I took the little bottle. It was so cute I had to make a tiny caddy for it. So that's how the caddy came to be... and we had a great vacation in Aruba!

There are so many ways to fill this container. Pick a theme and have fun with it. For your friend who sews, tie up some fabric, add fun trims, needles and lace. Know a letter writer? Fill this with stamps, a pretty pen and personalized notepad. Chocolate fixes everything- send treats for a friend in need of cheering up. Put teabags and accessories in one for your favorite tea drinker. Hair bows and headbands would fit great in here. What would you put in the caddy?


Birthday, Congrats & Thanks Set Textured Impressions

alcohol markers

adhesive pearls


strong double sided adhesive


Perfect Pearls

thin magnets

  1. Cut one divider piece and two pockets from aqua mat board. 
  2. Following instructions on package, assemble caddy adding pockets to front and back of divider. Cover divider with ledger paper on back side. 
  3. Color leaves and flowers that are sold as part of the Caddy die with Copic markers, blending for depth. Add pearl bling to centers of flowers. Adhere to front pocket of box.
  4. Add a scoop of Perfect Pearls to a mister spray bottle. Spray mixture all over finished box. Let dry.
  5. I realized that the Memo Holder die just fit perfectly in here! Sorry to say, it was not planned that way- however, it worked out! 
  6. Cut memo holder from heavy card stock. Place a matboard die cut on scoring board as a guide and score lines onto to paper memo holder.. 
  7. Emboss flap with Textured Impression folder. Add magnet closures.
  8. Wrap twine three times around outside of caddy and tie in a bow.
  9. Fill folder with post it notes. Add matching pencils and you have a fun little caddy for your desk. You may want to glue this to a base if contents are heavy or could get off balance.

This caddy was made from a children's book cover. I wasn't sure if it would work with the die because it was thicker than matboard. If you cut a material and it won't bend on the score lines, that means it was probably thicker than the recommended thickness. Just take your craft knife and run it lightly inside the score lines until the board bends. If  you cut something way too thick, you could ruin your machine so be careful. 

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