Thursday, 4 October 2012

Gingerbread man stocking

I finally settled on making a stocking with my gingerbread man last week ( I still have to decide what to do with my line of gingerbread men, but that will have to take a turn nearer Christmas).

Materials needed - calico 75cms x 140cms ( approx)
                             - red fabric 30cms
                             - green ric rac 75cms
                             - 2 buttons,  red, green and black sewing thread
                             - wadding 75cm x 75cm
                             - fusible web 16cm x 12cms 
With the calico cut out 4 stocking shapes - mine are 57cms long and 30cms across to the toe.
From the wadding cut out 2 stockings.
Iron the fusible web onto the red fabric. Using the Big Shot machine and die 658178 cut one gingerbread man.
Place the top of the head 14cms from the top of the stocking, centre it and iron in place.
Stitch around the gingerbread man using a machine zig-zag stitch, or if you prefer stitch by hand.
cut 4 pieces of ric-rac to fit across the arms and legs, and stitch in place, with zig-zag stitch, trim excess away.

Hand stitch eyes and mouth in black. Position buttons on his front and stitch in place.
Pin two strips of ric-rac 7cms and 11cms from the top of the stocking, and stitch in place.

Layer calico/ wadding/calico/calico/wadding/calico - to create front,back and linings for stocking.
Pin and tack all these layers together, but leave the top open.

From the remaining red fabric cut 5cm bias strips, and join together to make a length of 2m of binding. Press the strip in half along the edge and use to bind all around the stocking - leaving the top unfinished. Make a loop 14cms long, and stitch along pressed fold. Pin to the inside top of the stocking. Complete by stitching binding around the top. You could add a name between the rows of ric-rac to personalise this. It's a quick and fun make - enjoy.

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