Thursday, 26 December 2013

Boxing Day reward!

I hope you've all had a very happy Christmas.
I'm enjoying a quiet breather today - before we all get together again, tomorrow, for more family fun -
so all the washing up is done - the wrapping paper re-cycled and peace and quiet has descended!
What better time to pick up my hexagons and stitch a few more motifs -

I've hardly done any since my holiday - but thinking about it these are very well travelled hexagons - they've been to Helsinki in Finland, Barcelona in Spain,
and to Siem Reap in Cambodia - even visiting the site of the Tomb Raider film, the stilt villages and Anchor What.

I wonder where else they will travel before the quilt is finished - I guess it depends on how big the quilt grows!
I also wonder what other projects will be started ( and hopefully finished) in 2014 - I know for sure that I'm looking forward to lots of fun - and I hope to meet more of you at the shows during the year.

Have a Happy New Year - and don't make too many resolutions - just one or two that you can achieve - mine is just to sort out and move my sewing room to a bigger bedroom - ( I'm not sure that 'just' is the right word though) which I hope to achieve by the end of February- then I can be more organised and have more time sewing - rather than playing hunt the fabric!!
Keep sewing.

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