Thursday, 19 December 2013

Christmas all sewn up!

It's the final countdown - and still so much to do, but it is amazing how a looming deadline can focus the brain, and the sewing machine.
Do you remember back in the summer I started a quilt for my new grand-daughter - well I am pleased to announce that I only have the binding to hand stitch and embroider the eyes on the animals -

Originally I was going to make the leaves, that hide parts of the animals, into flaps that could be lifted to reveal the whole creature - but then thought that the amount of play this will get it might be better to just fix the leaves in place. I stitched all the animals in place, then fused the leaves in place. I layered the backing and wadding with the front and the zig-zag quilted around the leaves - a fast and I think effective method of completing the quilt.

I had a lot of fun with this quilt - and wouldn't have made it without the use of my Big Shot and Cuddly Creatures dies -
Lion -,
Giraffe -
Elephant -
Crocodile -
I'm not sure which is my favourite - it might be the giraffe - especially with the addition of long eyelashes - but the elephant follows closely - which reminds me I still have to master the elephant bunting for Abi - her birthday is at the end of January.
My other achievement is to have finished all my place mats -
so I am feeling quite pleased with myself - after all there are still 6 more sleeps until Christmas morning!I like Katy's question on her blog - what would be on your wish list for a new die? I think I'll have to ponder that - because I know we have at least one die due to be launched next year that I think is going to be another of my favourites - so you'll have to keep reading the blogs to find out what it is!!!
Now all I have to do is clean the house - put up and decorate the Christmas tree - we weren't well at the weekend so it still hasn't been done - so it's Saturday morning or else the grandchildren will be 'helping' on Sunday.
If you're panicking that you won't manage to complete your gifts by Christmas you could always take a photo and make a card saying that its on it's way!
I hope you all enjoy Christmas, and have some fun.


  1. What a tease you are Angela about new dies! Well done for getting these two projects finished. You and Katy have been a great inspiration this year, as was the NEC quilting show where I took part in a class you did. Thanks so much and I hope that you all enjoy your families this year at Christmas.

  2. Hi Diane,
    Thank you for your lovely comment - Katy and I enjoy working with the dies and it is nice to know that you've enjoyed the blogs. I hope you and your family have a great Christmas and enjoy more projects next year.