Monday, 16 December 2013

what's on your wish list?

As it's just over a week to Christmas, and we're busy with last minute panic shopping and wrapping I was wondering - are there any dies that you would like to see Sizzix produce? Not dies that are already available, but shapes that are yet to be released.

My big dream die is one that has 2 sizes of hexagon on. An extra long die, like the strips, but half of it has 1" hexies, and the other half has 1.25" hexies - the same number of each so that you can use the smaller hexy end to cut papers, and the bigger hexy end to cut fabrics. Of course, they could then expand the range so that you could have diamonds, triangles, and other shapes but each one using the same principle - papers at one end, fabrics at the other.

What about you? Is there something that you wish Sizzix would make? You never know, maybe it'll happen?!

And because a blogpost is pretty dull without a photo - here's a cute Christmassy block for you using hexagons....

quilt around the world  Christmas- Mel

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