Monday, 10 February 2014

thinking outside the box with half square triangles

Quite some time ago now I cut out a whole heap of triangles that I wanted to piece into some cushions and possibly a small quilt. Those poor triangles have sat on my desk ever since I cut them, and I finally gave in to their cries for attention and started piecing them together.

Matching up 2 fabrics and making a small pile of half square triangle units.

The die I'd used to cut my triangles wasn't one that had the little dog ears cut off, so I knew I'd have to trim all of these down which put me off a little bit (I've gotten so lazy since the big shot made cutting a breeze for me!)

And I got to thinking, how could I play around a little and end up with something that looked completely different?

I trimmed my half square triangle units with a square die - laying the units on at angles (I cut up to 5 layers at once - you could maybe try at least another layer)

I really love the effect you get when you start arranging the wonky half square triangles units together. It looks so different to regular half square triangles, doesn't it?

(excuse the pics, I was too excited to get my camera and used my phone instead!)

I know you get a bit of waste this way, but I think it'd be a fantastic method for using up scraps. You should give it a try!

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