Monday, 14 April 2014

A simple pen pot with a leafy die cut border

Last week I shared a little project I did using a lid from a canister. Well, I couldn't just throw away the canister, could I?

A simple pen pot came to my mind.

I first covered the canister with a strip of paper, but as the background is pretty I left the top and bottom show. I used magnets from inside and outside to secure the paper in place while the wet glue dried. That allowed me to do other things while it dried.

I die cut the border using white card and the Leafy Border. Where the ends come together I I trimmed the edges a bit so the joined part is not as obvious. 

 I then die cut thin foam with a Framelit circle. Framelits are not warrantied to die cut foam, but some may do if the foam is really thin and the dies has a simple blade design. This foam is to be placed on the bottom of the pot so that I can place scissors upside down and the blade or the bottom wont get damaged.

 And here you have. A pretty simple but effective pen pot. And free!

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