Friday, 27 April 2012

Patchwork e-reader cover

 By Angela Southey

This week I decided that I would use some of the fabric from the Cool Brittania range of fabrics I  showed on my last blog, to make a cover for an e-reader. This is a really quick and easy project and makes a useful gift.
I used 2 dies  - 4"x2" finished rectangle Die 657605 and 4"x2" finished trapezoid Die 657615
 I selected 4 different pictures to cut rectangles for the front of the patchwork, and used plain red and the small print on blue for the other 8 rectangles needed. To make the flap I used the Trapezoid die  and cut a 1 red and 1 small print.
I stitched the pieces together in 2 strips, pressed the seams and then joined the strips together.

Using this as a template I cut a piece of wadding, and a piece of plain red for the lining,and layered them with the wadding on the bottom, the pieced coverface up and then the lining on top. I stitched across the straight end

Fold the lining to the back and fold the cover as shown below.

Make a binding - using plain red fabric cut a strip 24" x 2" wide. Press in half down the length, and pin and stitch to the cover as shown in the picture below
Fold the binding to the back, trim the ends and tuck in, slip stitch in place.

I stitched a button on the back, and made a thread loop to fasten.
The size could be changed to make covers for all sorts of things - maybe even i-pads. or i-phones. 
I now have to make another 2 covers for 2 of my daughters, but the good news is that my sewing room is now painted and furnished and I am in the middle of moving equipment into it, and the final task will be to move the fabric in - that might take a while - but I will take some photos so show you progress next week.
Enjoy the weekend - if it rains it just means that you can stay in and sew!!

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