Monday, 9 April 2012

A little bag

 By Paula Pascual 

I am not sure if you know this, as it is something that I do not share that often, but I am one of the world's worst machine sewers. My excuse is that I am learning. That, and that my sewing machine is awful and keeps jamming.
Anyway, even though I am not that good, I am loving fabric and experimenting and when i realized I needed a  small lipstick and perfume little bag for my handbag I wanted to make my own.

I started by ironing the fusible web. I chose my favourite Heat and bond Lite that will stop the fabric fraying once cut. Also, I like it because is a whole solid film that is slightly rubber feel so it means that items will stay in the bag better.

Then I die cut two pieces using Vintage Cabinet Card. One of my all time favourite dies, honestly if you are after versatility this is a die for you.

I cut then the top of the area on just one of them.

Then I removed the backing sheet of the Heat and Bond.

Now, if you are a good experience sewer, go for a zipper. Or if you can get hold of sew on velcro tape, that would work too. As I am not a good sewer, I decider to stick to something I could do. I sew them on

Then, I secure both pieces together back to front with pins, make sure that all edges match. By the way, I put many more than that single one, I just forgot to take a photo. I used the indentation in the pattern as a seam guide.

And here you have the mini bag once sewn using the faulty sewing machine.

To decorate the flap, I die cut a pink fabric flower using the fringed die.

Once sewn in, I decorated it with a pearl bead. I know its all kinds of wrong from a sewing perspective, but you what, I don't care that much as it is perfect for what I need it! besides It was ever so cheap to make and know that I will be able to make a new one in no time once I know how to sew properly.

PS: I haven't forgotten about the Smash book, I just wanted to share this little project as I was quite chuffed with it.

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