Friday, 27 April 2012

Leftovers? Pure fun!

 By Anna Dąbrowska

Hi, it's Friday again! 
This week I want to share more inspirations for using your cut-out leftovers as parts of your projects. Being a mixed media freak causes a bit different way of thinking about creating... and lifestyle too. I've started to collect everything starting with old buttons and labels and on tiny scraps of foil, paper and any other thing considered by most of people as junk. I do have a lot of junk in my "treasure boxes"... but when I see any new chance to get something i go for it without a second thought. Working with Sizzix products causes a lot of funny situations, when O can't decide if I like the cut-outs or the leftovers more... and today I will share one more idea, how to turn it into advantage! 
Here is the project I made :) 

In fact, int he background you can see another way of using Sizzix cut-outs as stencils. This time I wanted to use the piece of corrugated cardboard to cut out my beautiful Tim Holtz Sizzix Movers & Shapers Magnetic Die Set 11PK - Cargo Stencil Number Set (657841) and use them on my project...but what I saw after cutting made me change my mind. So, how to make and use your homemade, Sizzix based number stencil? It's easy and fun!  

First you put your shapes on the Sizzix Movers & Shapers Base Tray (657007)  - it is the moment when you decide of the design of your stencil. Then using a thick cardboard you simply cut out the elements. (Of course - you should save it for other projects!). 

Then the messy part - adding texture to your background. Using corrugated cardboard stencils gives you the chance to get really dimensional look! I decided to use super heavy gesso. 

Gesso needs time to dry, but the final effect is just breathtaking:) I love this extra 3D numbers!

When it is more-less dry, you only need to set up your page, adding whatever you wish - papers, paint, ink... the sky is the limit!

I wish you all a wonderful week!

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