Thursday, 26 June 2014

Adopted blocks part 1

Well hello again - I hope you've been able to enjoy some beautiful sunshine - although today the sun is hiding behind the clouds at the moment - I still have hope of seeing it later!
I am pleased to say that I have completed 'Katy's' quilt and really like it - so here are the instructions for some of the blocks - I will give fabric quantities for each block.
The following Bigz dies are used throughout this quilt, with the Big Shot machine -
I am trying to keep the instructions simple - so use the photo of each block as a guide throughout.
We will start with
 Block 1 Crockett Cabin -

For this block you need to use the square and half square triangle dies.
You need white fabric - 8" x 12" - use die 657606 to cut 4 squares and die 657610 to cut 4 half square triangles.
Blue print and pink print - 8" square of each - cut 4 squares from each fabric with 657606
Green print - 4" x 8" - use die 4" x 8" 657610 to cut 4 triangles.
Join the green triangles to white triangles to create 4 squares,.
Join 2 pink and 2 white squares together to make a 4 square block, repeat once.
Join 2 blue squares and 2 green/white squares together to make a block, repeat once.
Using the photo as a guide join the 4 squares together to complete the block.

Block 2 - Patchwork Pinwheel
White fabric - 8" x 16" - cut 8  half square triangles and 4 squares
Pink fabric and peach fabric - 4" x 8"of each - cut 4 half square triangles of each
Blue print 8" square - cut 4 squares
Join peach and pink triangles to white triangles to make squares.
Join the pink/white squares to a white square and the peach/white squares to a blue square - using the photo as a guide.
Join these rectangles together to make 4 squares and then join the squares together to make the complete block.

Block 3 - Chevron

You need 16"square of white fabric - from which you need to cut 16 half square triangles.
Pink and blue print fabrics - 16" x 8" of each to cut 8 half square triangles of each.
Join the white triangles to the pink, and blue triangles to make squares.
Lay the square out to create the chevron pattern and join together in rows, and then join the rows.
Block 4 - Railroad crossing
White print - 16" x 12" and cut 6 half square triangles and 6 squares.
Aqua print - 12" x 8" cut 6 half square triangles
Pink spot print - 8" square - cut 4  squares.
Join the triangles together to make 6 squares.
Join the pieced squares to 2 white squares to create larger squares.
Join the pink squares to the remaining white squares and join to make 2 larger squares.
Join these 4 squares together.

Block 5 - Susannah
White fabric - 16" x 8" - cut 4 half square triangles and 4 rectangles.
Pink, orange floral, orange spot and blue prints - 6" x 3 1/2" of each - cut 1 trapezoid from each fabric.
Join a triangle to the end of each trapezoid to create a rectangle.
Join a white rectangle to each pieced rectangle to make a square.
Join the 4 squares together.

Block 6 Squares in squares.

White fabric - 10" x 7" cut 2 squares and 2 rectangles
Pink and black print - 14" x 7" - cut 2 rectangles and 4 squares
Pale pink print - 7" x 3 1/2" cut 2 squares,
Join a pink and white rectangle together on short side, repeat once.
Join a pink and black square to a pale pink square, add a pink and black and then a white square. Repeat once.
Join the rows together to complete the block.

Block 7 Half square triangle study
White fabric 16" square - cut 16 half square triangles
8 different prints - 4" square - cut 2 half square triangles from each.
Join the white and print triangles together.
Lay the squares out and then join together into 4 rows of 4.
Join the rows together to complete.
Wow -we're now 1/3rd of the way through the blocks - so look in again next week for the next set.
Also for those of you who remember my plan to re-organise my sewing room - a brief update - I sorted and tidied until I could see, and hoover the floor!! I have removed a large trestle table that I think I can manage without. The next stage is to put my quilting frame together - I'm just hoping I can remember how to do it - and then I will be able to cut lots of fabric to make some quick quilts so that I can practise my quilting.
It's a plan which I hope to achieve and if I do I'll share a couple of photos!
Meanwhile I'm off the hunt for some sun while I have a cuppa.
Before I forget - just a reminder that the Festival of Quilts is only 6 weeks away - cheer or scream -depending on how much you have to do before you get there!!!

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