Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Out of the Shadows!

ShadowPress is here!!...For those of amongst you who have no idea what I'm talking about let me enlighten you!

ShadowPress is the name of a new style of debossing folder which leaves the impression of the shadow of the letters rather than the letters themselves, confused?

It's so hard to describe the concept; when it was explained to me my eyes glazed over in incomprehension too! They say 'A picture is worth a thousand words' so with that in mind let us cut to the chase and show you what ShadowPress can do!!

The folders are the work of MrTim Holtz known for his innovative work in many crafting fields including die cutting and embossing. I am using the following folders and dies to create this weeks blog (click on the product to follow the link):

I have restricted myself to ivory and black card for this project and I am also using one of my favourite products which is Treasure Pewter gilding wax. I folded an A5 piece of ivory card in half to form my base card together with a 21 x 9 cm rectangle of black card. I debossed then word 'hello' onto the front of the black card with my folder.... It's all starting to make sense now!!!

I tore the base from the black card below the debossed word and started to gently rub the Treasure Pewter over the word with my finger tip gradually building up the silver patina. Its important not to apply too much and work in delicate circles. Once satisfied, I wrapped the black card around the base card. We can see how the debossed image is highlighted by the wax, it's a wicked effect and works equally well with acrylics, pastels etc.

Next I Die-cut a line of birds from stiff black card and trimmed away the birds that I wanted to use with a craft knife before applying the gilding wax as before.

Here's the finished card. I attached the birds with 3D foam pads and added a few pewter coloured 2mm adhesive pearl gems.

I couldn't stop at one card so I returned to my old friend the Butterfly Frenzy decorative strip which we saw a few months back, I created the card in the same way but to get added dimension the the butterflies I gently curled the wing tips and folded them in the centre before applying to the card with a glue gun.

I think these cards are quite modern and stylish as well as delivering maximum impact in return for minimum effort. I actually quite like to spend hours labouring over a project but sometimes we just want something quick and easy!

Next week I'm going to return to my old friends the Framelits Circles...Can't wait!


  1. wow this is absolutely amazing!

  2. Thanks Amante, the new ShadowPress folders are great and there is a new collection arriving in July too!