Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Christmas Wall Art

Happy Wednesday everyone,

This week I wanted to show you a home décor item, a 20cm x 20 cm canvas, I created for the festive season. It is a short reminder for myself in the middle of hectic Christmas preparations, stating what Christmas is all about.

Items used:

How to make:
  1. Tear strips of Christmas wrapping paper.
  2. Cover canvas front with a layer of white gesso/white acrylic paint. Press the wrapping paper strips on the wet paint. Add more gesso/acrylic paint if necessary. Let dry.
  3. ‘White wash’ the canvas front by brushing a thin layer of white gesso/acrylic paint over the paper strips. Wipe the excess paint with a wet baby towel. Let dry.
  4. Mix white acrylic paint with a drop of water. Dab white paint on the top edge of the canvas and tilt the canvas vertically. This will create a paint dripping effect on the background. Let dry.
  5. Print a Christmas sentiment on ribbon:
    First print the text on standard printing paper. Then use two-sided tape to attach pieces of ribbon on top of the printed text lines. Re-run the same paper through the printer and the text will be printed on the ribbon.
  6. Ink the edges of three manila tags and adhere to canvas. Tape the printed ribbons on top of the tags.
  7. Die cut swirls and branches using the ‘Festive Greenery’ Decorative Strip Die. Glue to canvas.
  8. Die cut two hearts of old book paper. Ink with purple stamping ink and glue to canvas.
  9. Die cut a poinsettia flower from Christmas wrapping paper. Clue to right upper corner.
  10. Die cut a Mini Snowflake Rosette strip from white cardstock. Fold and glue it on the bottom of the canvas.
  11. Finish by decorating with lace and buttons.

I wish you all a very merry Christmas. I hope your’s will be as beautiful and white as ours in Finland!


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