Thursday, 6 December 2012

Robbing Peter to Pay Paul - and in time for Christmas

I know I sometimes wonder which of the Sizzix dies is my favourite - and I have now decided that it really is the one that I'm working with at the moment, I suppose that is fickle but then they are all so useful.
So my current favourite is Robbing Peter to Pay Paul ( Pro die 657640 ). It makes the cutting of this pattern so easy and precise - it only took me a moment to cut the 4 blocks for the cushion cover that I'm making.
I chose 2 contrasting fabrics and using the Big Shot Pro machine and die 657640 I cut 2 layers of each fabric to produce complete blocks ( 2 shown above).. I then swapped the arcs to create the pattern
Begin with one centre piece and a contrast arc. With Right Sides together match and pin the central notches and then pin the corner, continue to pin the edges together, and repeat with the other side. Be careful to match the points of both pieces together.
Stitch the pieces together with a  1/4" seam allowance. Press the seam towards the arc. 

Repeat with the other 3 arcs to complete one block. ( both colour ways shown below.

I did need to be careful that my seam allowance was  precise so that the pattern worked properly. On some pieces this took a couple of attempts.
I joined the 4 blocks together to make the cushion front.
I'm really pleased with this die because it has enabled me so use a design that otherwise would have taken quite a while to cut, so I'll complete the cushion cover next week - still in time for Christmas.
Enjoy your week.

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