Thursday, 20 December 2012

Hexagons for Christmas

Wow it's only 4 days now before Christmas Day - so looking forward to it. I have decorations up - but still have to finish shopping for presents and food! But at last I am within a couple of hours of finishing a project that I started in the spring!!!
I would never have attempted this project without the Big Shot and dies 658317 and 658318. Hexagons are a bit like housework to me - I love the finished result but not all the effort - so the dies for cutting the papers and fabric were the reason I started this - even then it has taken me a time to finish piecing them!  So what is it going to be? -  you'll have to wait until next week  to find out because it's a Christmas present ( or will be if I finish it! The below shows the trimmed version ready to be layered with wadding and backing fabric.

That's all for this week - have a lovely Christmas - and look me up again next Thursday to see what this is - and check that I managed to finish it in time.

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