Sunday, 23 December 2012

Heart Garland

I am wrapping up my last few packages! This is a record for me- I am usually still working on it late into Christmas Eve... but this year we had Christmas early because the kids were heading out on various trips. What a nice feeling not to rush!

Here's a project showing another use for the Sizzix Create-A-Bow die.

I used the three different sized loops of the Sizzix Bow die to make a Heart Garland.  They are so simple and a great project to make while watching TV or talking on the phone.
  1. For each heart, you will need to die cut two sets of the small, medium, and large strips from a medium weight cardstock. If you go too heavy, the paper will be stiff and hard to bend (but you can train the paper to bend by curling it with a dowel or pen). If you use text weight, the paper will not hold the shape of the heart. What I used was a 65 lb. cardstock.
  2. Line up a stack of strips: long, medium, short.
  3. Insert a brad into each hole on one end the paper strips to create the first loop of the heart. Then take the other end of the short strip and put through the brad, then medium, then long. You have a loop! Now make another loop (in reverse order) and add to the brad, then close the prongs.
  4. Connect the hearts using a glue dot.
  5. At the end of the strand, punch a hole on the outer heart strip. Thread yarn, twine or hemp through the hole from inside the heart and use the other end to anchor the garland. 
I also made some fun ornaments for the tree. Experiment with the loops to make different shapes- this is a really versatile die! And you can always use it as a bow for packages too!

Jennifer McGuire has come out with her list of Favorite Crafty Things- Die Cutting and my 3D Bow die made her list! She even did a very nice tutorial on how to assemble the bow. Thanks Jennifer! 
I think it's around the 8:30 minute mark. But watch it all- she is great.

Here's another video by showing how to assemble two versions of the bow.

Thanks for stopping by. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all... See you in 2013!

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