Thursday, 13 December 2012

Robbing Peter to Pay Paul - complete!

Well Christmas is fast approaching and I am so pleased that another project is complete, I know there is still a number to be completed but now I think they will really have to wait until next year.
As I showed you last week I joined the 4 blocks together to make the cushion front.
I added wadding to the back and quilted in the ditch between the fabrics.
Use 2 pieces of fabric 12.5" x 17" for the back. I used a slightly patterned white fabric.
Make a double fold, 1.5" wide, along the widest length on both pieces and stitch along the fold.
I overlapped the fabric with the folded edges in the middle and pinned them to the wrong side of the pieced front, and pinned together with raw edges together.
Using the Big Shot and Bigz XL die 657633, I cut 2 strips by folding a piece of fabric in half across the width (44") and laying it on the die. This creates such a good even strip.
Join the 2 pieces together to make 1 long strip, and press in half along the length.
Attach the binding to the cushion cover with raw edges together and mitre the corners.
Cut a 16" length from the left over binding.
Press the raw edges into the middle and stitch along the edge to make a tie to fasten the cushion cover.
Cut the strip in half ( I neatened one end of each strip with zig-zag stitch) and pin to the back of the cushion and stitch in place - see the photo for this
And here it is the completed cover -
- so that what will I have completed by next week? - maybe some Christmas shopping! and hopefully something that has been on the go for quite a while this year - but more of that next time!
Enjoy the mince pies.


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