Thursday, 10 July 2014

Adopted blocks - the final chapter

 It's with a slight sigh of relief, that I'm at the point of completing the instructions for this quilt - so without more ado here are the final 4 blocks -
The following Bigz dies are used throughout this quilt, with the Big Shot machine -
657606 Square - 2 1/2" finished
657620 - Quarter square triangle 2 1/2" x 5" finished
657610 - Half-square Triangles 2 1/2" finished
657624 - Rectangle 2 1/2" x 5" finished
657627 - Trapezoid 2 1/2" x 5" finished
I am trying to keep the instructions simple - so use the photo of each block as a guide throughout.

Block 17 Geese and Squares
White fabric - 18" x 4" - cut 4 x 1/4 square triangles
Assorted prints - to cut 8 squares and 8 half square triangles.
Lay all the pieces out to create a mix of the prints.
Join the 8 half square triangles to the diagonal sides of the 1/4 square triangles to create the 'geese'.
Join the squares in pairs to make rectangles.
Join the rectangles to the 'geese' to create squares.
Join the 4 squares together.

Block 18 Kings Crown
White fabric - 16" x 8" - cut 8 triangles
Aqua fabric 7" square - cut 4 squares
Green print, and pink print - 7" x 3 1/2" of each - cut 2 squares of each.
Bright pink print - 18" x 4" - cut 4 x 1/4 square triangles
Join the white triangles to the bright pink triangles, to make a flying geese,and then join aqua squares to each end of 2 of these.
Join the pink and green squares together to create a square.
Join the 2 remaining flying geese to each  opposite sides of the flying geese.
Join together to finish the block.

Block 19 Endless Stairs

White fabric - 14" x 6"- cut 4 rectangles
Blue print -  fabric - 14" x 6" - cut 4 rectangles
Join the blue and white rectangles to make squares.
Join the squares to create the stairs as in the photo.

Block 20 Simply Squares
White fabric - 14" x 6"- cut 4 rectangles
Pink/black print 14" x 4" - cut 4 squares
Bright pink print and blue print - 7" x 4" cut 2 squares from each.
Join the pink/black squares to each end of 2 white rectangles.
Join the bright pink and blue squares together to make a square, and add rectangles to opposite sides. Join the pieces together to complete the square.

HOORAH - all the blocks are now complete.

To finish the quilt I cut 3" wide strips for the sashing.
Lay the blocks out on the floor,  4 blocks across and 5 down. Arrange as you like to create a balance of pattern and colour.
I created 4 rows by 5 blocks with sashing in between, and then joined the 4 rows together with the sashing.
I then added a 5 1/2" border to all 4 sides of the quilt top - 58 1/2" x 70 1/2".
I used the same fabric for the back, piecing it to create the right width.
Finally I added the binding to complete the quilt.

I t feels like it has been a bit of a marathon - but I wanted to finish  it, so that we can move onto preparations for Festival of Quilts - and to give you little glimpses of what I'm making to prepare for all the workshops! and the stand display.
It's only 4 weeks away - still too early to count sleeps - which is what I do with my grandchildren as a countdown to any important events! but there is still so much to do!!!
However it is only 1 sleep until I go to stay with my grand-daughters - and I have plans to be creative with them - so watch out for something new next week -  as well as a sneak preview of some things for Festival of Quilts.
Keep sewing.


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