Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Hexagon Fun!

Hexagons are such a great design feature in the card maker's arsenal, they're like a circle designed by an engineer. I love their versatility and they are an essential for modern paper crafting styles.Having said all that I didn't know that they could be fun too!

I was looking through some old dies when I came across a decorative strip die called Flower, Folded which is basically a collection of perforated circles which when put together form a really cool 3D flower. I started to wonder what you could do with other shapes to create a similar effect when that little light bulb appeared above my head (maybe that's what caused my bald spot!!!)

It was at this point I grabbed my hexagon Framelits set and the rest as they say is history.

I started by die-cutting six identical hexagons from paper with a different pattern on either side (My Minds Eye - So Sophie range) I then used a tool to crease each one as shown in the diagram below. Once I had all six I placed them carefully onto a rectangle of adhesive tape sheet.

Once they were all stuck down I placed a pearl brad through the centre and matted them onto two further hexagons in contrasting shades of patterned card. Next, I folded a rectangle of stiff ivory card stock in half and placed my large hexagon die overhanging the folded edge (as indicated by the white arrow), this forms the hinge as the die cuts through both layers.

Finally I attached the matted layers to the hinged base card, I think the finished card is pretty cute!

I couldn't stop at one card so I thought I'd try a different colours, I know it's a bit early for Christmas cards but it made such a wicked snowflake. This time I folded the flaps closed and strategically applied some Pinflair Ice Diamond together with a pearl charm in the centre.

I was about to pack my tools away when I thought 'what would it be like using say... Framelits hearts' well here's the answer.I cut six hearts as before and used a set square as a guide to add the creases, this end of the set square has an angle of 45 degrees which was perfect as luck would have it.

And here is the finished card. I'm sure that there is more mileage in this technique but I have to move onto more pressing matters. If you can think of any variations on this theme I would love to hear them.


  1. Thank you! interesting tutorial

  2. You have some of the most creative uses for dies that I've ever seen, and they're always beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Blessings!

  3. Thanks for the comments, I do love to play around with simple shapes and unusual combinations, I apply the same logic to cooking which can be a little bit hit and miss as my family will tell you..... but always interesting!