Wednesday, 5 March 2014

And on and on......

Last weeks blog was entitled 'My Heart Will go on' I had a lot of fun creating animals from simple Framelits heart dies, so much fun that I couldn't help myself and set about creating a few more ideas to share with you.

I again used  the Framelits Hearts die set 657561 for all the projects, this consists of 5 identical heart shapes in a range of sizes. 

For all you font fans the font I used on this and last weeks post is free (and easy) to download. It's called 'no color' and is available at and many other free font sites.

The first card features a cute piggy, I die cut the 3 hearts and cut one down the centre using a craft knife. I folded the two halves as shown and attached them to the head forming the ears, the nostrils are simply circles cut using a standard office hole punch, the eyes are adhesive pearl gems.

I created the phrase using my PC, trimmed it to size and matted it onto a rectangle of magenta card, the piggy's hands and bottom where die cut from pink card and the tail was simply a strip of pink card which was wound around a dowel in a spiral.

Next up a panda card. As you can see I cut a variety of black and white hearts, four of which I strategically snipped the edges with my scissors to give the illusion of fur.before mounting them together as shown below.

Next, I attached two black hearts to which I added adhesive pearls for the eyes. Finally, I die cut one small white and one pink heart and overlapped them as shown.

I attached the overlapped hearts beneath the panda's chin using 3D foam pads and mounted the finished panda to my base card together with the phrase 'Thank You'

Here is one of my personal favourites from this collection, it turned it so much better than I hoped it would and I love the cheese idea too! I started by die cutting a selection of grey, pink and yellow hearts. The large heart I cut down the centre, one half for the face and the other for the body. Next, I assembled and mounted the ears.

To create the cheese, I die cut two small hearts in slightly different shades of yellow card, the lighter of the two I attacked with my Crop-A-Dile punching a random pattern of holes before mounting onto the other heart using 3D foam pads. Next, I trimmed a small grey heart in half to use for the hands/arms and attached them to the cheese/body together with the assembled head, I also used two adhesive pearls for eyes and a black pearl at the tip of the nose.

The base card was printed with the legend 'Miss You' the assembled mouse was attached with 3D foam pads before adding a curly tail made from a thin strip of the grey card wound in a spiral around a dowel.

Last but not least, the chicken. This was one of those ideas which popped into my head after reading a story book to my 3 year old daughter. I came into work the next day and had the card fully formed in my head. I wish it always happened like that!

I die cut two hearts from different shades of yellow before using a smaller heart die to trim the deep yellow heart as shown before attaching it to the pale yellow heart, this forms the main body/head of the bird.

Next, I die cut a selection of sizes/shades of hearts and trimmed some in half with a craft knife before adding to the body of the chicken as shown. I then wound a strip of the deep yellow card around a dowel in a spiral as shown.

I printed the  greeting onto my card using my PC and attached the main body of the chicken using 3D foam pads before adding the feet and the spiral or 'spring' as the title suggests.

I do hope you have all enjoyed these cards, my intention was to only make a couple but I was on a roll so I couldn't allow a good idea to wither on the vine could I?


  1. Thanks for your collection of animal cards, Pete. You really are quite ingenious :) I particularly like the chicken and the mouse, but I also love how you've snipped into the hearts to give the impression of fur. Another top tip!

    1. Thanks Wendy, as I said the original idea belonged to someone else (the lion) but that opened a window on other possibilities to explore. I love creative problem solving, Why not have a go and see if you can come up with a new animal idea?