Thursday, 6 March 2014

Pinwheel perfect

This week I thought it would be nice to make a big  - either for a cushion, or a really quick quilt! How does 18" sound? and it only uses one die 657628 -
For each block you will need 2 pieces of fabric  8" x 42".
As the die is asymmetrical you will need to make sure that you cut all the trapezoids the same - so I decided to cut each fabric with right side uppermost. You can turn the die 180 degrees to make the best use of the fabric -

Each block needs 12 trapezoids of each colour.
Join  4 pairs of patterned trapezoids together, 4 pairs of plain and 4 with one plain and one patterned - see photo below -

Join these 3 pieces together -
Make 3 more of these, and then join the 4 pieces together to complete the block -
The photo  doesn't do justice to the size of this block - you could just make 20 of these and have a small quilt.
There will be more on this block next week - I think - maybe a super quick quilt.
Until then keep sewing.

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