Monday, 17 March 2014

still at it with those hexies

I've decided to take a sudden sprint and get my hexies sewn together. These poor little blocks have been going on forever and they don't seem to be getting anywhere fast (although, in my defence, it's tricky to sew in the dark in my house on a winter's night). I keep saying I'll invest in a daylight lamp, but still haven't done so and my eyes are not great when there's limited light.

But, this week I'll be spending quite a lot of time waiting around in the hospital, while my husband has some treatments, so it's a perfect opportunity to get those hexies out, isn't it?

For a much faster hexagon project, you can download my hexy placemat on the Sizzix website

Use the hexagon dies to cut your fabrics and your papers - it's a breeze!!!

Hopefully I'll be able to show you some progress next week - cheer me on, I need a good nudge to get this finished!!!

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