Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Festival of Quilts success

Hello again, last week we were at the Festival of Quilts at the NEC in Birmingham, running workshops to show how to use the Big Shot with the Drunkards Path dies.

I worked alongside Katy Jones, author, co-founder of Fat Quarterly e-zine ( check it out for fresh inspiration ), and passionate stitcher. I have to say that although we worked hard we had great fun and I look forward to the next time that I have chance to spend time with my crazy new friend!

We were amazed by the enthusiasm of customers, and by Saturday the seats were full 20 minutes before the next workshop, because no one wanted to miss out. We taught about 400 ladies ( and a few men) how easy it is to use the Big Shot with the drunkards path dies, and how fast it is to cut the shapes for your next project.(pictured below)

I challenged the classes to finish their cushion cover and send us photos, or bring them to show us before the end of the show on Sunday. I was amazed when 4 of you did ( at this point I have to apologise that I don't have photos to show - because I washed my camera in the washing machine -just don't ask!!! I now have a new camera, with insurance!!!)
This photo, below, was in my first e-mail when I logged in on Tuesday -I'm afraid I don't have a name to put to this lady's work but isn't it lovely. I look forward to receiving some more photos over the next few weeks!


Of course the down side to this is that Katy and I had very little time to do any retail therapy, or view the quilts, but we did manage to do a little in the morning and after the show shut.
So now I'm unpacked and the sewing room is back to it's normal state of near tidiness, and I am now thinking about my next projects - Christmas - I know it's not September yet, but if we're going to get even half of the things made that we are planning we really have to start now. So going to go on a Christmas fabric hunt and see what I come up with.
Happy quilting.

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