Thursday, 2 August 2012

Happi Days

Here I sit, morning sunlight slanting through the window in a nation gripped by Olympic fever and I couldn't be more Happi!

I know what you are thinking "Happy is spelt with a 'Y' you idiot!". Not today; today we spell it with an 'I' because I am actually referring to the new range of Sizzix Bigz dies and just the mere thought of them makes me happy with a 'Y'..... confused?

Hopefully the images below should help to dispel any confusion. The Happi range features over a dozen Bigz dies featuring some of the cutest artwork you have ever seen. Some of them were on a QVC show recently and sold out in seconds, mainly thanks to Angela's beautiful applique work.

Below are a few free-standing cards made using simple folding techniques which you will find explained on the website at 

the first two cards are made using the Single Fold Technique, the second using the Concertina Fold Technique and the three at the bottom using the Standing Fold Technique. Hope they make you as Happi as they make me.

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