Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Tonal Table Runner

Hello again, are some of you looking forward to the Festival of Quilts and the NEC next week?
I know I am - although the preparation is always a bit hectic - I love seeing what other people have been working on, and the mixtures of colours and design, I also love meeting people.  This year I am running workshops throughout the show  so I hope to meet some of you there. tbe demonstrating the workshops witll be running throughout the show and I will deomonstrating some of the new patchwork dies in conjunction with the Big Shot machine. Come along and see what we're doing and try a project.
I do hope I'll get a chance to look round, but as always will try to resist buying fabric and books.( Let me know if any of you have a fool proof method for this!)

In the meantime I have been working with some of the fabrics I show cased recently - I have decided to make some table runners - partly because I wanted to see how different designs work, but also I wanted to make something small ( and maybe I'm planning ahead for Christmas.)

I have used 6 fabrics to create a sort of woven impression. The difficult bit was planning - but once planned the cutting and stitching was really easy. I used the Big shot  and dies 657607 (2" finished square) and 658328 (2 1/2" strip die and extended cutting pads)
It is best to draw out the design, or lay out all of the pieces before stitching to make sure the lines follow through. You can play with the shape of the ends of the runner, by sqauring off the ends of  bringing them to a point.
I then used the same fabrics with die 657615 and bordered it using the strip die 658328.

I think this one would work really well in Christmas fabrics as well - and the bonus is that as the cutting is so precise it is really quick to make.

For a change I used Tanya Whelan fabrics, I used die 657607 and set the squares on point and then used die 657611 to cut triangles to end each row.

Such a pretty range of fabrics.
I had fun with these - and the results will, off course, vary with the choice of fabrics.
Have fun.

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