Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Love Wish Dream

Happy Wednesday everyone,

When looking for inspiration for paper crafting projects I don’t just browse through scrapbooking and cardmaking magazines. Home décor websites and magazines are a great source for new ideas; they are filled with beautiful styles, fresh colour combinations and insightful layouts.

A few weeks back I came across Sarah&Bendrix website and was amazed by the beauty of their designs and handmade items. I fell in love with their pure, simple and graphical designs, and when I found a white photo frame on my bedroom cabined some days later, I knew right away what to do with it:

Here’s a list of materials I used:

First I cut a 17 x 22 cm square of white cardstock for my picture background. Using the beautiful butterfly die I cut a pile of white butterflies and started positioning them on the background.
Then it was time to decide where to place the sentiment text and when the position was determined I stamped it with red ink on the background.
I folded the butterflies in half and glued them on the background. Then I placed the butterflies inside the photo frame and my new home décor item was finished.

Have a lovely week,

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