Thursday, 24 January 2013

Hearts a flutter continued

Snowmen have been built, sledges used – and lots of heart blocks made.
I hope you’ve enjoyed making them – and you still don’t have to decide what you are going to make!
This week we are going to add borders/sashing to each block.
For each block you will need two 1.5” strips cut from the width of the fabric – 1 each of red and black.
I cut these using die 658327 and the Big Shot machine.
To add variety I used strips from different red fabrics.
First add the black strips to the top and bottom of the block, and then to each side.

Repeat with the red fabric.

Continue to add the borders to each block.
Remember to press the seams as you go.
Next week will be the time to decide what to make with these blocks because that will decide how we add sashing to complete the top.
At the moment I’m thinking maybe a pair of place mats, or a bed runner – but that decision will have to wait!
Happy sewing,

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