Thursday, 3 January 2013

Starting the New Year with love

Happy New Year to you all.
Have you made lots of resolutions? I'm not very good keeping lots so I am just going to try to be more organised and not have so many last minute panics with my sewing - sounds good but lets see how it works!
Up-cycling is very popular at the moment - for those of you who wonder what this means - take an item and add an embellishment to it - it can be a plain towel that you decorate, or it can be a plain or old item of clothing that you give new life to by changing it.
So this week I've chosen a plain pink towel and decorated it.
This was so quick and easy - using the big shot machine and die 657691 ( hearts,stem and leaves),  and  a couple of scraps of pink fabric.
Iron some fusible web onto the wrong side of the 2 fabrics and then cut  out 2 hearts and 2 leaves from one fabric and 1 heart and 4 leaves from the other one.
Arrange the hearts and flowers along the non tufted stripe of the towel and iron on.
Then simply satin stitch in place by machine, or hand stitch.
One complete gift - which can be used for many different occasions - how about making a matching set as a wedding present, or for a special birthday - towels can be quite inexpensive and then made into something special.
There are so many dies to choose from - and I will be showing more up-cycling projects during the year.
But as part of my plan to be more organised I am starting a project for valentines day in my blog next week, and will develop it over the next few weeks and have it finished with time to spare!!!
I hope you like this simple starter, and that you join in next week.

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