Monday, 7 January 2013

Project Life 2013.. are you in???

GoodMorning ladies and gentlemen, how are you?
It's a new year and it's time this year to start the Project Life 2013, and what could be better if you don't use the sizzix dies for this amazing project?

Do you know Project Life? If you don't know it go on Becky Higgins website, she is the inventor of this amazing initiative! Would you join me? Hooray!!!!:)

How dod you start this new year? I want to achieve my goals!!!! I am really determined to achieve them!!! and You?

Let me see that if you want to create your own journaling cards the framelits rectangles are spectacular!!!! So let's start!!!

Materials you need:

I had a lot of fun creating and assembling my first week, full of details and things to tell and to keep, bad and lovely moments but I think this is the real life! Don't you find?
I love to mix many little details and especially to can create them by me, sizzix dies are perfect for my intention! First of all you can create your own journaling card simply printing on a white paper what you want and after cutting it making a journaling card with the amazing framelits rectangles.

Let me show you my first week and some details of it :)

I love so much to tell about my life, to tell true stories, even if they are not always so happy, it can happen and you have to not be afraid of this! Tell you real life, tell about your own story!

For this phrase I have printed it with my printer on a white cardstock and then used the rectangles framelits to have a lovely journaling card!

For this page I have used the numbers, amazing!!! and the framelits butterflies!! Two kinds of them! Mixed are perfect!

 This is the right side :) I had a lof to tell Lol! I have used the harlequin decorative strip to make a lovely background :)

What do you think? Hope it will inspire you and make you happy to start your own project life 2013!!!
Have a wonderful week :) 

Love, Lory


  1. Favoloso, della serie ho la bava alla bocca ^^

  2. Mi piacciono molto le tue pagine di project risultato è sorprendente.

  3. Mi piace un sacco Lory!!!Il tuo project life mi ispira.

  4. Lory è bellissimo! Ma chettelodicoaffà!! xx

  5. Lory è stupendo!!!!! Io devo ancora iniziarlo.... xx

  6. bellissima Lory!
    this project life is terrific, wonderful and magic!
    love it!
    you inspire me!

    bacio grande