Monday, 15 April 2013

a simple cushion

My sister in law recently asked me to make her a cushion for a Christening gift. It had to be monogrammed and for a little boy. I planned lots of different, more complex, designs but then settled on something that was nice and simple, because unless you're a big fan of patchwork or a quilter yourself I think over complicated designs can be a little too much for a lot of people. Simple squares or simple strips can be just as effective and appreciated more. Besides, there's nothing worse than making something that the new owner really dislikes, is there?

strippy pillow

My 2.5" strip die came out and worked through some of the red, white and blue fabrics in my stash. Quick as a flash I had a simple strippy cushion. That strip die is so useful - once I'd cut out the strips for this I cut some more strips for the binding for a quilt that I also used the strip die to make! It gets so much use, and I never tire of how clever it is - that great big long die makes cutting strips an absolute breeze.


For the monogrammed 'S' I drew that out onto fusible web, stuck it onto fabric and cut it out with some applique scissors. It wasn't the most fun I've had recently and just made me want the 4" sassy serif alphabet dies even more (especially as I had to label a baby quilt that day using the same freehand technique). The smaller 2" alphabet would be so very useful as well....I think I'll start making my Christmas list (it's not too early to think ahead, is it?)

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