Thursday, 4 April 2013

Fireflies and puzzles

Hello again - it seems like more than a week ago that I was writing my blog - maybe it's because of the Easter holidays. anyway I'm here again and this week I thought I'd make 2 blocks - so we have Old Maids puzzle first, followed by Fireflies.
Old Maids puzzle uses dies 657607 - square, 657611 and 657613 - half square triangles and the Big Shot machine.
I've used 3 different fabrics for this -

With the darkest and die 657613 I cut 2 triangles, with die 657611 I cut 4 triangles and with die 657607 I cut 4 squares.
With the medium fabric I cut 2 triangles using die 657613.
Finally with the lightest fabric I cut 4 triangles using die 657611.
To make the block I joined the large triangles together and then the small triangles.
Then join the pieced squares to the squares.

Join these pieces together.

Join the pieced squares together as in the picture below.

Finally join the two pieces together to complete the block.

Now for the Fireflies.
I used the same square and triangle dies and the Big Shot.
This time I used  4 fabrics -

Using die 657611 I cut 4 dark,10 light and 2 medium light triangles.
With die 657613 I cut cut 2 medium triangles.
Finally with die 657607 I cut 2 dark and 2 medium light squares.

Join the 4 dark triangles to 4 medium light triangles, and 2 light triangles to 2 medium light triangles.

Join the pieced squares to the dark squares as in the picture below, (you will have 2 of each)
Join the two pieces together, to make a square, repeat with the other pieces.
Join a triangle to pieced square as in the picture below - ( make 2 )
Join another triangle to the piece to make a large triangle - ( make 2 )

Join this pieced triangle to the large triangle triangle -
and then join this square to the other pieced square - see picture below - ( make 2 )
Finally join the two pieces together to complete the block.

Well I hope you like these two blocks - we're now half way through making our 20 blocks for the quilt, and if we make at least 2 each for the next few weeks we'll soon be putting it all together - and by then if the spring has come maybe it could be used as a picnic blanket.
Meanwhile- I'm off the make a cup of tea.
Enjoy your week whatever the weather.


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