Thursday, 18 April 2013

Rectangles and squares


The early flowering magnolia, in my garden, is about to burst into bloom - so I think I can safely say that spring is here as last!
Also as promised photos - of the wedding dress made by me ( in my spare time!!!)
and the cake made by Jo, my eldest daughter - which tasted as good as it looks!

So now back to patchwork and  I'm hoping to have this quilt complete in time to have some summer picnics on it.
This week we have 3 blocks again but this time I am using a rectangle -die 657605, and a 2" and a 4" square ( dies 657607 and 657609 ).
For the first block you need 2 contrasting fabrics - and die 657605 to cut 3 rectangles from each fabric, and die 657607 to cut 2  x 2" squares from each fabric.
Join the dark squares to the light rectangle and the light squares to the dark rectangle
and then join the light and dark rectangles together.
Join the 4 rows together to complete the block.

 For block 2 you need two fabrics - enough light  to cut 6 rectangles with die 657605, and enough dark to cut 1 x 4" finished square using die 657609.

Join 2 rectangles together along the short edge, and repeat.

Join a rectangle to each side of the square.

Join the pairs of rectangles to the top and bottom of the square to complete the block.
The final block uses the 2" and the 4" squares


 Two fabrics are used - the dark for 2 x 4" finished squares (die 657609 )  and 4 x 2" finished squares (die 657607).
The light fabric is cut into 4 x 2" squares with die 657607.
Join the dark and light squares together

 and join those pieces together

Join the pieced squares to the large squares

 Join the 2 pieces together to complete the block.
Next we need to lay out all the blocks to see if there is a balance of fabrics throughout - and then choose which fabrics need to be used for the final blocks to create a pleasing mix.
I think next weeks blocks will be applique to bring a balance of style to the quilt - so have a lovely week and catch up again next time.

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