Thursday, 25 April 2013

Hearts on my sleeve

Well not quite, but I do have to admit that I really enjoy applique - and this week I've had fun using 2 different heart shaped dies.
As I mentioned last week we are coming to end of making the 20 blocks for our quilt and need to look at the balance of colours before choosing the fabrics for the last few blocks, which I have duly done.

So this week I used the Primitive Hearts die 656335, with the Big Shot.
I used 2 fabrics to which I applied a fusible web to the back.
I  folded 5 layers of fabric over just the middle sized heart and cut with the Big Shot, and then repeated this with the second fabric.

Using a light fabric for the background, (I cut it oversized to allow for handling during sewing and will trim it to size later)
 I arranged the hearts into a circle to make a flower, and then pressed the hearts in place, after removing the backing paper.
I stitched these in place using a small zig-zag stitch on the sewing machine.
Using Bigz die 656334 I cut the small and medium hearts.
Again I fused web onto the back of the fabric before cutting.

With the marbled fabric I cut 2 of each of the small and medium hearts and then used 2 different fabrics to cut a pair of small and medium hearts.
I used the same light fabric for the background for this block.
I then arranged the hearts to look like butterflies
again I machine stitched these in place because time didn't allow me to hand stitch.
I think I will add some embellishment to these, but more of that another time.

So now we only have 2 blocks left to do - and I really don't know at the moment what I will choose - so before choosing I will lay all the blocks out on the fabric that I am going to use for the sashing and have a look to see if there is an obvious shape needed.
I suggest you could lay your blocks out as well and see what you think.
Enjoy the weekend, whatever the weather brings!!!

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