Thursday, 11 April 2013

Trio of triangles

Well hello again, I'm back at the sewing machine after enjoying the wedding of one of my daughters last week ( I have 4 daughters so I'm often doing something with one of them, I'll try to add some photos next week).
 So this week I have a trio of triangles for you - I'm beginning to get impatient about how this quilt is going to look - so we have 3 blocks ( but I promise that it won't keep increasing!)
I have used the 2" and 4 " finished 1/2 square triangles and the 4" finished 1/4 square triangle and cut them with dies 657611,657613 and 657166. I have also used the 4" x 2" finished rectangle, die 657605 in one of the blocks.
Let's start with the simplest of the blocks - the pinwheel - for this I used 2 fabrics

 and die 657613, cutting 4 triangles from each fabric. What I love about using the Big Shot and dies it that I can cut so much in one go - and it is always precise.
Join the dark and light triangles together to make 4 squares -

Join the four squares together to complete the block -
How quick was that!
Now the next one will take a little longer and uses dies 657611 and 657613.
You need 2 different fabrics - the lighter one you need to cut 12 x 2 1/2" (unfinished) triangles, and from the darker fabric you need to cut 4 x 2 1/2"( unfinished) triangles and 4 x 4 1/2" (unfinished ) triangles.

Join 4 dark triangles to 4 light triangles,
 and then join 2 light triangles to the dark triangle - shown below
Join this pieced triangle to a large dark triangle -
Make all 4 squares like this and then join the squares to complete the block.
I've called this block Spinning Fish - but I'm sure it really has another name - any suggestions?
The final block is Clay's Choice and uses 2" finished triangle - 657611, and 4" x 2" finished rectangle - 657605.
You need 3 fabrics - dark - to cut 4 rectangles and 4 triangles, medium - to cut 4 triangles and light - to cut 8 triangles.
Join the light triangles to 4 medium and 4 dark triangles
Join the pieced squares together -
and then join these to the dark rectangles.
Join these pieces together, to make 2 large rectangles
 and then
join these two pieces together to complete the block.
So next week I am going to check that I have a balance of colours in the blocks before I choose the colours and designs that I will use in the last 7 blocks.
I'm pretty sure that I am going to include some more applique - because I enjoyed the flower blocks so much.
But for that's all for this week -hope you've enjoyed it.
As for me - I think I might be helping one of my daughters move house this weekend - so I will be back to sewing again next week for a rest!!


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