Monday, 1 July 2013

Christmas in July

Pinch punch - it's the first of the month! (I remember that from junior school, the first day of the month was a great excuse for the boys to go around punching each other, and sometimes the girls too. I'm glad it hasn't followed into adulthood!)

July is the perfect month for Christmas quilt preparation isn't it? Well, maybe not, but it is for me this month. I'm working on a Christmas quilt for a magazine project for Sizzix, and despite it being so far away it's got me feeling all festive and lovely. I love Christmas!

I've made a couple of Christmas quilts this year already - but this level of organisation can't possibly last, I'll forget the turkey or something and we'll be eating canned beans come December 25th!

It's around now that shops start getting Christmas fabric collections in stock (usually from around mid - late may onwards) so it's a really good time to stock up on Christmassy fabrics if you see them and you love them. Come October/November and your mind is more geared towards Christmas projects, you might not be able to find them any more (another tip - if you wait until after Christmas and stock up on fabric in the sales you can get some absolute bargains, and just put them to one side until you think about your Christmas crafting).

Instead of true Christmas prints I'm using red and green, in a mix of prints for a Christmassy theme that's nice and scrappy (because I do love a scrap quilt).

Onto cutting and piecing! The big shot is all fired up and my dies are ready to go! Ho Ho Ho! (As that big fat man in red with a bushy white beard would say!)

Red and green.

Speaking of the big shot - have you seen it's new look? It's still exactly the same machine as before, nothing has changed to the fundamentals of it, it's just had a makeover. So if you already own a big shot you don't need to worry about missing something new, yours (and mine too until I get the new look to take to shows and so on) is just a different colour.
But, if you're in the market for your first machine, or maybe you want to buy a new one, this is how it looks now.

Pretty isn't she?


  1. Whatcha gonna make whatcha gonna make???? Love your stack of greens - they are delicious!!!!

  2. Have fun with your fabrics, I can't wait to see what you're making!

  3. Oh Gish you are right it's time to start preparing for Christmas isn't it! Crumbs!
    What are you making with your lovely green fabric.
    Yes I've seen the new machine I LOVE it,been admiring it online