Thursday, 11 July 2013

Summer blossoms

Summer is finally here with us - and I am pretty certain of 2 things - we don't know how long it will last and we don't want to do much of anything!!
So this week I have made something very simple and easy to do.
I made simple flowers to embellish a top for a little girl.
I used Bigz Die 658315 and cut 26 circles in pink organza, and 8 in lilac. Fold the circles in half and stitch together,  and then twist the top one 90  degrees. ( see picture below)

 Fold the right hand 1/4 circle underneath and the top left hand circle 1/4 circle down, and stitch ( see picture below)

This when unfolded becomes a simple flower

I made a total of 13 pink and 4 lilac flowers and stitched them around the top of a child's top

And then I thought I'd try embellishing an adult top - I used Bigz die 657602 and cut 24 pink organza circles. I stitched them together in pairs as above, but then I stitched 4 of these together to create a larger flower. I then stitched the 3 flowers in place - of course you could add more, I just wanted to show an idea.
Now I think I can be a little obsessive because I have started to think of lots of other things you can create with the circle dies - the same idea could be used to embellish skirts, bags, hair bands, brooches -  just to mention a few ideas.
What an easy idea to create gifts - an inexpensive t-shirt for a birthday gift, or how about a brooch for teacher at the end of term.
Watch this space I'm sure I'll come up with some more ideas, with samples, over the next few weeks.
Enjoy the summer.

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